Mercury Retrograde Do's and don'ts‏

Mercury is Retrograde: 9/27/2021 to 10/18/2021

On September 27, Mercury went retrograde for the third and final time in 2021, and will remain retrograde until October 18th.

Mercury retrograde, which occurs three times a year for about three weeks each time, is interpreted particularly strongly. Mental pursuits and connections often breakdown during this time. The Mercury retrograde period is best used as a time for inner reflection, and is not a good time for making new decisions or new business plans, but it is ideal for reflecting on your current situation. It is best to take this time to sit in stillness and quietly observe your inner process during Mercury retrograde, and to carry forward with your pre-existing plans.

A question that might be useful to ask yourself during this time of inner reflection is:

Where have I been, where am I heading, and are there any habits or changes I would

like to change and/or release at this particular juncture in my life?

Take time to journal and contemplate where you are, what you like about where you are, what you can do differently, and where you would like to go to move towards success. Is there anyone (a coach, a mentor, a financial advisor, etc.) who could help you with this process or are there any courses you could take that would help you to prepare for future success?

Use your imagination for what you would like to see versus what you don't want to see or create in your life.

And DON'T make any huge life decisions or move forward with new directions until after Mercury has gone direct, and possibly a bit beyond October 18th to allow time for Mercury to fully leave its retrograde shadow.

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