Weekly Human Design Astrological Transit Report - October 14 - 18

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Active Oct. 14-18:

  • Motivation: Innocence

  • Perspective: Wanting

Sun in Libra:

You are diplomatic, and have a strong need for peace and harmony in your life. Beauty is important to you, and you could have a tendency towards being vain.

Sun in 5th House

You express yourself through fun and creativity, and you like to set aside time to play. You have a strong urge to learn about yourself through creative projects. Children may also be important in your life.

The Sun is in Gate 32: Duration

Gate 32 is the Gate of Continuity. The only thing which endures is change.This gate is part of the tribal circuit. It is a Splenic Gate, which represents facing any fears you may be harboring of failing or of failure in any way. It is about cultivating the awareness and using proper discernment in order to know what is of value and what needs to be released and/or transformed.

Gate 32 Gene Keywords:

  • Shadow Frequency: Failure (Fundamentalist-Disjointed)

  • Gift Frequency: Preservation

  • Siddhi Frequency: Veneration

Line 1: Conservation - Active Oct. 14

Exalted in Earth: A life sustaining respect and attention to all aspects of a process. The potential to develop the instinct through detailed attention to a process.

Line 2: Restraint - Active Oct. 15

Exalted in Venus: The control of power for the benefit and enhancement of harmony. The potential for transformation that may be beneficial to others.

Detriment in Jupiter: A tendency in frustration, particularly from a position of strength, to social withdrawal rather than persistent control. The frustration with controls or being controlled.

Line 3: Lack of continuity - Active Oct. 16

Exalted in Mercury: Indecision and persistent reevaluation, that only because of its basic intelligence manages to endure. Indecision in times of transformation.

Detriment in Jupiter: An over-reliance on traditionally legitimized standards that in times of change can be totally out of step and suffer unexpected humiliation. A lack of instinct in times of transformation.

Line 4: Might is Right - Active Oct. 16-17

Exalted in Jupiter: Even in times of change certain underlying principles endure. The instinct to maintain one's principles in times of change.

Detriment in Saturn: Where Jupiter will establish right action in the larger social realm, Saturn's will lead to inner strength and endurance as long as it is not threatened from the outside. The instinct to maintain one's principles as long as one's security is not threatened.

Line 5: Flexibility - Active Oct. 17

Easy adaptation to circumstances.

Exalted in the Moon: The Moon exalted, where superficiality is a valuable tool that while masking the inner light permits adaptation to prevailing conditions. An instinct for adaptation in times of change.

Detriment in Mars: The urge to express oneself in direct and often violent rejection of conformity. The potential of the instinct to reject adaptation and conformity in times of change.

Line 6: Tranquility - Active Oct. 18

The need to calmly face impermanence.

Exalted in Pluto: An underlying acceptance of change that may or may not lead to tranquillity. The instinctive awareness to accept change and transformation.

Detriment in Neptune: Impermanence as proof of meaninglessness with its attendant manifestations, depression, delusion, and in the extreme, self-destruction. The fear engendered when change is experienced as impermanence, and the potential for depression.

Earth in Aries

The Earth symbolizes what lessons one must implement or qualities to embody in order to fully ground in the lessons of the gate transiting the Sun.

Aries in 11th House

You are a leader, rather than one of the sheep when it comes to your friends and groups of people. You have your own visions and goals in life, and only those who give you freedom will remain true friends.

Earth in 11th House:

It is here that the highly creative energies of the Sun in the fifth house find an outlet through group activities. This position of the Earth is a fine testing ground to see how the soul-centered individual can contribute his or her individualized field of service into a wider sphere of participation. There is no room here for the emphasis of the personality as the fulfillment of one’s personal dharma is directly connected to the collective purpose of humanity’s evolutionary development.

Earth is in Gate 42: Increase

Gate 42 is the Gate of Growth, and is representative of the expansion of resources which maximizes the development of one's full potential.

Gate 42 is part of the Sensing (Abstract) circuit, and is representative of the energy needed in order to complete a cycle. It is located in the Sacral center which is where your life force energy lies.

Gate 42 Gene Keywords:

  • Shadow Frequency: Expectation (Grasping/Flaky)

  • Gift Frequency: Detachment

  • Siddhi Frequency: Celebration

Line 1: Diversification - Active Oct. 14

Exalted in Earth: The ability when surplus resources are available to extend one's activities beyond their normal scope. Growth through expansion, particularly when defined to the root.

Detriment in Venus: A tendency when surplus resources are available to centrifugal application. Decadence. Too much expansion can lead to decadence.

Line 2: Identification - Active Oct. 15

Exalted in Earth: Recognition and acute capitalization of trends. Power for growth through participating in trends.

Detriment in Venus: An ascetically motivated withdrawal in times of progressive change. Growth which stops in reaction to trends or change.

Line 3: Trial & Error - Active Oct. 16

In times of increase, making mistakes are a natural part of the trial and error process.

Exalted in Mars: The energy and assertion to turn mistakes into advantages. The power to accept mistakes as part of growth.

Detriment in the Moon: A moodiness, that in error may succumb to brooding and unnecessary caution. Mistakes give power to moodiness and caution.

Line 4: The Middle Man - Active Oct. 16-17

Exalted in the Moon: The quintessential manifestation of the mediator. The maturity to bring growth through mediation.

Detriment in Venus: Where the gift to establish and maintain relationships is ill-suited in this position to act in mediation where harmony must take a back seat to pragmatism. A lack of maturity where the power to harmonize distorts mediation and limits growth.

Line 5: Self-Actualization - Active Oct. 17

Exalted in Earth: The fulfillment and actualization of purpose as a natural path whose reward is a healthy sense of self, rather than the power and influence that naturally follow. Growth that is self-fulfilling and naturally leads to influence.

Detriment in Venus: Self-actualization as a strictly inner experience that may demand or result in a reclusive nature. Inner growth that empowers reclusiveness.

Line 6: Nurturing - Active Oct. 18

Exalted in the Moon: A natural and instinctive nurturing of others. The power to share the process of growth with others.

Detriment in Saturn: A restrictive and malefic materialism that is self-alienating and encourages aggression. The refusal to share the benefits of growth with others.

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