Weekly Human Design Astrological Transit Report - October 8 - 13

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08 October 2021, 23:46:02 UTC

Program Themes:

  • Motivation: Innocence

  • Perspective: Wanting

Sun in Libra:

You are diplomatic, and have a strong need for peace and harmony. Beauty is important to you, and you could have a tendency to be vain. The lyrics, "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you" pop into my mind with this transit!

Sun in 3rd House

Communication plays a key role in your life. You experience a continual thirst for knowledge and an equal urge to let others know what you have learned. Your siblings may be important to you.

The Sun is in Gate 57: The Gentle

Gate 57 is the Gate of Intuition and represents the extraordinary power of developing one's intuitive clarity. This is the ability to hear in the Now or present moment. You are acutely attuned to sounds and vibrations within your environment, and this hearing is an instinctive awareness you possess that allows you to consistently register what is taking place around you at any given moment. This requires you to focus in order to protect your physical well being and safety.

It is important to stay focused and to remain alert in order to access the information you are able to receive through the filter of your Spleen, the center in charge of our physical safety. This gate also describes how one can have what you may consider selective hearing. This is due to not wanting to be influenced in any way and at times you may simply ignore the information that is made available to you in order to guide you or to alert you that something is present that could potentially be detrimental to your health and/or safety.

During this transit, it is important to pay attention to any instinctual hunches that present themselves to you. Remaining alert and aware of your surroundings will protect you and help to eliminate any fears you may be harboring about the future. The intuitive clarity that comes with through this gate will give you the ability to penetrate to the core of any situation currently going on around you, if you just take the time to still the monkey mind long enough to listen to the messages trying to make their way through to you.

Line 1: Confusion - Exalted - Active Oct. 8

Venus: The gift of penetrating to the inner meaning that ensures timely action. The possibility of the intuition penetrating to the inner meaning.

Line 2: Cleansing - Exalted - Active Oct. 9

The clarity to establish proper values and ideals must be accompanied by resolute determination to maintain them.

Venus: Perfected cleansing through inner realization. The possibility for proper values and ideals through intuition.

Line 3: Acuteness - Exalted - Active Oct. 8

Mercury: The perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation. The possibility of perfected intuition. No polarity.

Line 4: Director - Active Oct. 10

Exalted in Venus: The mastery of relationships that through clarity can maximize productivity while the sensitivity to interrelationships will ensure harmony. The possible intuitive clarity to master relationships.

Detriment in Mars: A tendency given this position to be dictatorial rather than directorial. With the gift of clarity to master relationships, the possibility of being intuitively dictatorial.

Line 5: Progression - Active Oct. 11

Exalted in Pluto: the natural ability to establish new forms while maintaining the powers of reevaluation and reexamination. This provides the clarity to examine the data and assess the process. The possible intuitive gift for evaluation.

Detriment in Moon: The tendency to keep on keeping on, that can end up as a misguided missile. When in action, the intuition may become overwhelmed and unable to assess and evaluate its progress successfully.

Line 6: Utilization - Active Oct. 12-13

Detriment in Mars: When clarity points to a problem, one is unable to solve it due to circumstances that are simply out of ones control. This leads to a tendency to react out of a place of anger and frustration that provokes inevitably futile action. The possibility that when the intuition cannot solve a problem, the tendency is to react out of a place of frustration and anger.

Earth in Aries

The Earth symbolizes what lessons one must implement or qualities to embody in order to fully ground in the lessons of the gate transiting the Sun.

Aries in 9th House

You prefer learning about life through raw experience, rather than in the halls of academia. However, any avenue of higher learning which challenges you will appeal.

Earth in 9th House:

The Ninth House represents intuition and the study of religion philosophy, and higher learning. In addition, it represents travel to other countries, and legal matters. This house is interpreted similarly to the ninth sign of Sagittarius, and represents the expansion of horizons, mental, physical and spiritual. Planets in this house may symbolize your philosophical pursuits, or possibilities for travel.

Earth is in Gate 51: The Arousing

Gate 51 is the Gate of Shock. It is the ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation. People with this energy tend to come out with shocking statements or shock people with their outlandish actions. Sometimes the shock could be subtle, but at other times it is quite dramatic. Either way, this energy is trying to shock others into connecting with their higher self/soul/spirit, God or the Divine.

Line 1: Reference - Active Oct. 8

The advantage of previous crisis experience.

Exalted in Pluto: The gift of re-examination that is the foundation of preparedness. The power of the ego conditioned by experience.

Detriment in Venus: A tendency to emotionally withdrawal after a shock. The weakness of the ego to withdrawal out of fear during times of challenge and chaos.

Line 2: Withdrawal - Active Oct. 9

Exalted in Mars: The recognition of the mechanics of shock that indicates when withdrawal is the only logical action. The instinctive withdrawal when the power of the ego is threatened.

Detriment in Mercury: Being too smart for one's own good and rejecting withdrawal in the vain belief that one can outsmart natural forces. The egoism to reject withdrawal and face possible defeat.

Line 3: Adaptation - Active Oct. 10

Exalted in Earth: The life-sustaining awareness that thinks on its feet and thus creates opportunities. The power of spontaneity in times of challenge.

Detriment in Jupiter: The destabilization that occurs when one's field of normal activity is radically and unpredictably disturbed, where the tendency is withdrawal rather than adaptation. The ego that may be destabilized in times of challenge.

Line 4: Limitation - Active Oct. 10

Exalted in Uranus: A pure inventiveness and sometimes genius to find some opportunity even in the midst of the most devastating shocks. The warrior ego that will find some way to answer the challenge.

Detriment in Mercury: A reasoned make-do mentality that is ineffectual in times of severe shock. The superficial ego that lacks the resources and depth to answer challenges.

Line 5: Symmetry - Active Oct. 11

Exalted in Earth: Perfected illumination that in grasping the nature of the shock, can transform its normal patterns into a symmetrical adaptation that rides the shock and avoids its devastation. The perfection of the warrior ego through instinctive adaptation.

Detriment in Mars: A tendency in seeking the core, to harmonize with one shock only to be overwhelmed by the next. The egoism to indulge in victory and lose vigilance.

Line 6: Separation - Active Oct. 12-13

Exalted in Earth: In times of crisis when all those around you are confused and in chaos, you gain the ability not to succumb to the panic that surrounds you. You have the will and vitality to survive it, and the power of the ego to meet challenges alone.

Detriment in Pluto: The energy of the same gift mentioned above is present, however, the attitude displayed invites disapproval that in an extreme sense may even prevent a successful separation from the chaos that surrounds you. You have the power of the ego to meet the challenge alone, but in a way that may provoke and empower the challengers. In other words, this could mean that you react negatively to the chaos and confusion around you, and in this way, you give your power over to those who are creating it in the first place.

It is important to remember that you always have two choices:

  1. To react out of fear and anger which often leads to more chaos and destruction.

  2. Or to ground and center yourself enough that you are able to take a step back and to then to respond in a firm and direct manner from a place of love.

I have learned that the more I take a moment to pause, take a few deep breaths, allow myself to regain some clarity and balance within myself, I am then able to respond with love. This doesn't mean be a pushover, but when you are honest, and communicate in a direct and firm way, but still with a bit of softness when love is present, the issues tend to melt away or resolve in a much more efficient way. Becoming aware of what your triggers are and finding out where it is stemming from (often childhood mishaps or trauma) allows for this pause to begin to occur while in the present moment. That is the first step!

So don't throw gasoline on a fire if all you are trying to do is simply put the fire out!

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